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Definition and History of the District Name
With smooth global sailing in the early 16th Century, the Spanish and Portuguese sailed past the Taiwan Strait and discovered ˇ§Formosaˇ¨ ˇV Taiwan.In the 2nd year of the Tianqi (Tianci) reign period (1622) of Emperor Xizong (Sizong) of the Ming Dynasty, the Dutch followed the Spanish and Portuguese and occupied Penghu in search of a stronghold in the Far East. The Dutch were later expelled by Ming troops and left Penghu in the 4th year of the Tianqi reign period (1624).They chose the east of PenghuIsland ˇV an area known as Anping.ˇ§Zeelandiaˇ¨ (also known as TaiwanCity) was built after their occupation of Anping for defense purposes and a town known as ˇ§Zeelandia Streetˇ¨ was formed, thus serving as a platform for trade between the mainland and Japan.

From even earlier historical records, it was revealed that Anping Township was called ˇ§Shuangzhouˇ¨ (Shuangjhou) in the Three Kingdoms Era; ˇ§Liouqiuˇ¨ (Liouciou) in the Sui and Yuan Dynasties; ˇ§Dongfanˇ¨, ˇ§Taiwanˇ¨ and ˇ§Beigangˇ¨ in the Ming Dynasty; and ˇ§Dayuanˇ¨ in the Dutch colonial era.After Koxinga expelled the Dutch and recovered the native land in the 15th year of the Yongli reign period of the Ming Dynasty (1661), Anping Township was renamed ˇ§Taiwanˇ¨ and all three generations of the Zhengˇ¦s (Jheng) family made it the capital.In the 22nd year of the Kangxi reign period (1684), Zheng Keshuang (Jheng Keshuang) surrendered to the Qing (Cing) government and Taiwan became the territory of the Qing government.Tainan was made the capital of Taiwan and AnpingTownship became ˇ§XiaozhongVillageˇ¨ (Siaojhong).A navy coordinating office was set up and there were five government offices including Minan, Kinmen, Fenghuo (Fonghuo), Haixian (Haisian) and Tibiao.
In 20th year of the Guangxu (Guangsyu) reign period (1895), Taiwan was ceded in accordance with the Treaty of Shimonoseki signed between China and Japan.In 34th year of the Meiji Japanese imperial reign period (1901), XiaozhongVillage was changed into Anping Street under the jurisdiction of Tainan Office.In 9th year of the Taish? Japanese imperial reign period (1920), Japan placed Taiwan under the system of autonomy and Anping Street was changed into the present day Anping District.

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