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White Paper on Public Service

¡§White Paper on Public Service¡¨ is our contribution to the residents of Anping District.We will strive to enhance the quality of our service and regard you, Anping residents, as our most honored ¡§customers¡¨.We are so proud to have the opportunity to provide service to you.
With the proactive spirit of ¡§passion and responsibility¡¨, services and measures are planned to cater to the needs of the public, so as to provide the best service to the people of our district.In future, we will work hard on the goals of ¡§popularization of the Internet¡¨ and ¡§realizing e-government¡¨ and build a better Anping District!

Our policies, duties and works:
Under order of the mayor and the command and supervision of the Director-general of the Civil Affairs Bureau, our supervisor handles the autonomous matters of the district, carries out commissioned tasks and instructs and supervises the autonomous matters of the villages under its jurisdiction.As well as carrying out recurrent and continual works as stated in the annual administration plans, emphasis is placed on the planning of public works and the execution of suggestions rose by the public.Works in relation to welfare will also be strengthened to improve the welfare of the public.
Our duties and services ¡G
Civil Affairs Section

Autonomous Administration¡BElection¡BDistrict-level Disaster Prevention and Rescue¡BOperation and Management of Activity Center¡BSanitation Promotion¡BMediation Services¡BFuneral Affairs¡BEtiquette Religion¡BAncestor Worshiping¡BConscription Administration¡BLand Administration¡BThe 37.5% Arable Land Rental Reduction¡BCivil Defense¡BNon-urban Land Control¡BIndigenous Peoples and Hakka Affairs¡C

Social Affairs Section

Social Administration¡BSocial Welfare¡BSocial Relief and Aid¡BNational Health Insurance (NHI)¡BNational Pension¡BLabor Administration¡BCommunity Development¡BManagement of Community Center¡BImmigrant Residents Affairs¡BOrganization Guidance¡BVictims Shelter¡BEmployment Counseling¡C

Administration Section
Documents¡BOfficial Seal¡BArchives¡BGeneral Affairs¡BMeeting¡BCashier¡BResearch and Evaluation¡BInformation¡BLegal Affairs¡BPublic Relations¡C
Humanities Section

Library Management¡BEducation¡BPhysical Education¡BCulture and Arts ¡BCommunity Arts¡BCelebrations¡BHistoric Documents¡BTourism Publicity¡C

Economic Development Section Maintenance and Management of Parks¡BCensus and Management of Agriculture, Forestry, Fishery and Husbandry¡BAgriculture Extension¡BInvestigation and Management of Industry and Commerce¡BHydraulic Engineering and Road Works¡BConstruction¡BMaintenance¡BManagement of Street lamps and Trees¡BConstruction and Reconstruction for Activity Center¡BBuilding Violations Inspection and Reporting¡BCreating Shopping Area¡BConsumer Protection¡C
Our service measures ¡G
  1. Spacious and bright office with writing areas at the counter to facilitate people¡¦s business matters.
  2. Service mailbox set up at the office entrance to receive your valuable opinion.
  3. Public lounge with magazines and newspapers available for you to take a rest while handling business matters.
  4. Promoting green offices and carrying out waste classification and resource recycling to create a fresh business environment.
  5. Expanding functions of the Information Desk to include business enquiry and guidance, form-filling service, free photocopying and spectacles for your long-term convenient use.
  6. Staggered working hours and provision of ¡§no rest hours at noon¡¨ service for Senior Citizens Public Transportation Courtesy Ticket Renewal, Discharge Reporting and other military services, so as to tackle the inconvenience faced by the working group.
  7. Attendants will walk around to offer you a cup of tea while you come for business, giving you superb service.
  8. Director-generals and chiefs¡¦ participate in various activities to understand community sentiments and solve the problems faced by the public.
  9. Strengthening service and caring for draftees and their dependents and carrying out military operations and alternative military service in compliance with the policy.
  10. Strengthening settlement and reducing resources for lawsuits to promote social harmony.
  11. The writing for all applications shall be clear, in proper size and filled in correctly.

  Our workis focused on the following this year:

  1. Setting up volunteer-run blood pressure stations for use by the public .
  2. Coordinating talks on health in municipal hospitals free and open to the public.
  3. Setting up employment online for residents.
  4. Integrating and making use of welfare resources to promote home care and meal delivery services for the elderly.
  5. Building a knowledge platform, unifying business procedures and forms, providing standard services and streamlining administrative procedures.

Our consultancy and message leaving channels:

  1. Email:

  2. Consultancy and tel. no to leave a message.: 2951915
  3. Service mailbox: On the right side of the office entrance for the public to leave a message.Specific personnel are assigned to handle this matter.
  4. Online opinion exchange: An open two-way communication channel for consultancy, leaving messages and complaints, thus offering a platform for public opinions.
  5. Compilation of FAQ services: Instant responses are offered on the webpage to the public on certain topics newspapers and making administrative progress public to facilitate the public¡¦s enquiry.
  6. Directors-general and chiefs¡¦ contact of the grassroots: Getting to the public through various open conferences and activities to understand the need of the public and accept messages suggested by the public, thus offering a diversified communication channel.
Our service guarantees ¡G
  1. When you come to the district office for business, you will notice our colleagues wear identification cards. They provide the most sincere service with respect and courteousness.
  2. We will provide the most detailed and updated information upon your request for relevant information.
  3. We will make an instant response and specific tracking to your complaints or suggestions.
  4. We welcome your participation.Our supervisors randomly contact the grassroots levels to listen to the public and understand their difficulties and offer assistance as soon as possible.
Your suggestions are most welcome:
   In order to enhance the quality of our service, we have now completed information services, design and landscaping of the office, provided services including tea offered by volunteers, guidance and enquiry, as well as implementing lunchtime service, so as to be available whenever possible.If you find our service unsatisfactory, please inform us and we will accept your opinion modestly and improve it as soon as possible.Should you have any ideas or innovative suggestions, please offer it for our reference and improvement.We look forward to your suggestions.
  • Address: No.316, Yuping Rd., Anping Dist., TainanCity 708, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
  • Service mail-box no.: No.316, Yuping Rd., Anping Dist., TainanCity 708, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
  • Service tel. no.: 2951915
  • Email:

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