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Eternal Golden Castle (Grade 1 Historical Site)
Also known as Anping Battery or Uhrkuenshen Battery, the Eternal Golden Castle has a pioneering role in the history of Taiwanese batteries. It is the first modernized western-style battery in Taiwan, and also the first battery in Taiwan to be equipped with an 18,000-kilo British Armstrong cannon. The battery is a milestone in history as it was a massive fort with full functions and strong cannon power. Originally the battery was built to fight the Japanese army which invaded Taiwan after the Botan Tribe Incident; however, the tension was resolved before any actual fighting took place. Nevertheless, this military structure marked a major progress in Taiwan’s coastal fortification capabilities.
The Eternal Golden Castle, designed by a French engineer, encompasses an area of approximately three hectares. In terms of construction, the Eternal Golden Castle is a western bastion-type fort (square-shaped fort), with four corners projecting outwards and a void center. The fort is surrounded by a moat and equipped with large and small cannons. The center space of the fort is used as an exercise field. There are also a few complete sets of western cannons.
During the beginning of the 20th century, fort cannons either were sold or fell into ruin, and the battery walls and wooden bridges were destroyed. In 1975, Tainan city government did a massive restoration of the site and, although some form and materials are not exactly the same as before, visitors can still appreciate the former structure and scale of the Eternal Golden Castle. The government also discovered some trenches during the restoration. Scholars speculate they could had been used as an arsenal or barracks - you are welcome to come and form your own theory!
The water in the moat is seawater, and there are fish swimming about in the clear waters and mallards and black swans gliding on the surface. The lush historical site is a wonderful place to relax and appreciate the past.

Hours : 8:30 - 17:30
Admission: NT50/full price; NT 25/half price; 20% off for groups with 30+ people.
Tel: 06-2951504
Location: No.3, Guangjhou Rd.

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