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Canal Museum (Municipal Historic Site)
Tainan Canal was built by Torata Matsumoto during the Japanese Occupation Period. For most Tainan locals, this canal, which was completed in 1926, is not only a transportation channel, but also a part of local life, memory, experience and history.
The museum was originally the Anping customs office on Tainan Canal. Built during the Japanese Occupation Period, the Office acted like a gate that controlled the trade ships coming in and out of Anping Harbor. Ships carrying imported goods had to stop and pay customs duty. It fell into ruins at one point in history, but has been restored recently and now presents an additional touch of nostalgic beauty to the area.
The Canal Museum officially opened to public in February, 2005. Many old photos of the canals and ship models are displayed in the museum. The museum is surrounded by a beautiful garden with old banyan trees and boardwalks along the river. A perfect recreation spot for visitors!

Hours: 9:00-12:00, 14:00-18:00 (Wed. – Sun.)
Free admission
Location: No. 97-15, Anping Road (beneath Anyi Bridge, on the east side)
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