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Historical heritage >> Old Julius Mannich & Co Merchant House (Anping Foreign Trade Memorial Museum) (Grade 3 Historic Site)
Old Julius Mannich & Co Merchant House (Anping Foreign Trade Memorial Museum) (Grade 3 Historic Site)
Built between 1875 and 1895, the Julius Mannich & Co. Merchant House mainly conducted camphor and sugar export businesses and acted as agents for ship companies. Julius Mannich & Co was one of the five major foreign firms in Anping, the other four being Elles & Co.(UK), Boyd & Co.(UK), Tait & Co.(UK), and Wright & Co.(US). During the early years of the Japanese Occupation Period, the Japanese government repurposed the building as the Anping Branch Office of Tainan Hall. It was later transformed into a police station. After WWII, it was used as the dormitory for salt factory employees. Finally, in 1986, it was repurposed as the Anping Foreign Trade Memorial Museum. The exhibitions in the Merchant House display historical records of the developments of Taiwanese foreign trade and sugar making, and also fireplaces, chimneys, and traditional German interior decors, which are quite rare in Taiwan. The structure of Julius Mannich & Co. Merchant House is rather unique. It has arched gates built with red bricks, white walls, long shutter doors, etc. Even though the building incorporated traditional Chinese materials and architecture elements such as red bricks, ancient stones and corridors with green glazed vases, it still projects a strong exotic atmosphere. In cool afternoons, you can often see brides in their white wedding dresses having photo shoots here. In addition to being a historical building, this site is also a popular wedding photo shoot spot!

Location: No.19. Lane 233, Anbei Rd
Hours: currently under renovation
Free admission
Tel: 06-2281000
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